About me

I’m a Brazilian comics illustrator, born in 1978 and resident in São José do Rio Preto – São Paulo – Brazil.

My works so far:

– In Progress:
Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space #6 – Trauma Comics. (All inside art, including lettering)

– Published

Kung Fu Satanist  #1, #2 – Trauma Comics. (All inside art and lettering)

King Tut Truck Driving Pharaoh #1, #2 – Trauma  Comics.(All inside art, the color of some pages, the lettering and the back cover out and inside,

Nazi Werewolves from Outer Space #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 – Trauma Comics. (All  inside art, lettering and back cover)

– Grimm Fairy Tales # 27 – Zenescope. (Pencils)

* For signed copies, please use the inbox message on the Nazi Werewolves From Outer Space Facebook page.